About Stephen Watts

I’m a British trained Osteopath with over 14 years of experience in bodywork and manual therapy.
The human body is amazing! And you can do more with it than you think you can, providing you look after it.
Like a mechanic for the body, I aim to balance and tune each part so the whole body can function optimally.
I use joint articulation, stretching, mobilization and a range of other techniques to help you recover and heal from injury. I
encourage patients to not only heal from recent injuries but to restore strength and mobility they felt they had lost many years ago. Once
there, I encourage them to improve even beyond this to feel better and live better.
What To Expect in a Treatment1
What To Expect in a Treatment1

My path to health

Although I’m currently fairly fit, active and healthy, this certainly hasn’t always been the case. As kid I was overweight, unfit, and suffered from asthma and psoriasis. In my mid teens I also had some flare ups of psoriatic arthritis. It’s a type of autoimmune arthritis causing pain and swelling in the joints.
Apart from playing rugby my main interest was playing strategy computer games and watching movies. In particular I grew up loving martial arts movies. The ones with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung (the chubby guy that could still do all the cool stuff!). When a friend said he was going to a kung fu class I thought I’d give it a go too…and I got my butt kicked!

What to expect in a treatment

Before we begin a treatment we need to know about you – your current health, your past medical history, lifestyle, in addition to your current complaint. A case history is a discussion to find out about these points and help us direct our assessment and treatment. This could take 10-20 minutes depending on your current complaint and history.
After the case history I will need to examine you. You may be asked to remove some layers of clothing, change into loose clothing, or you can wear your own clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Generally yoga or other sportswear works well.

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