Osteopathy in Hong Kong - why choose me?

British trained an GOSC (UK) registered

Safe effective treatment

16+ years experience Continuously learning to develop my skills

I'm passionate about helping people moving and feeling better

I’m a British trained Osteopath with over 14 years of experience in bodywork and manual therapy. The human body is amazing! And you can do more with it than you think you can, providing you look after it.

Like a mechanic for the body, I aim to balance and tune each part so the whole body can function optimally.

I use joint articulation, stretching, mobilisation and a range of other techniques to help you recover and heal from injury. I encourage patients to not only heal from recent injuries but to restore strength and mobility they felt they had lost many years ago. Once there, I encourage them to improve even beyond this to feel better and live better.

About Osteopathy

Osteopathic Centre Hong Kong

In 2022 I set up the Osteopathic Centre Hong Kong (OCHK) in Central Hong Kong.

A centre dedicated to providing quality osteopathic care along with other therapies that optimise health and wellbeing in a natural, holistic manner.

Visit ochk.hk for more information


Designed for partner acrobat, acroyogi and cheerleader bases to develop with skill, strength and conditioning’

One of my hobbies and passions is acroyoga and partner acrobatics. I personally found the learning curve very steep for some skills. While practising hand-to-hand and foot-to-hand skills it took me a long time to build the skill and conditioning to be able to hold/support my partner in the correct way.

I created Basebell to help beginners learn some aspects of the technique, and for intermediate to advanced bases to build strength and conditioning to their skill in a progressive way.

Even if you don’t practise these sports, but you enjoy challenging your body in a unique way you’ll love Basebell.

Basebell ™ Patent Pending

Visit basebell.com for more information

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