British Train Osteopath

I’m a British trained osteopath who has worked in top clinics in the UK, Middle East and Asia.

I value health. Some people value other things more, especially when they take health for granted. Some of us are born with conditions that we have to manage and work around throughout life, others may suffer from injury or illness later in life. Whatever your situation, you can improve some aspects of your health for the better. You may have a simple injury that needs time to heal with help from osteopathy and strengthening. That injured area may turn out to be a strength later on. Heal, restore, improve is my motto.

  • Read ‘My Path To Health’ to hear my story about getting healthier and stronger despite being unfit, and suffering from asthma, psoriasis and its related arthritis.
  • For details about my professional training read ‘Professional Me’.
  • Not sure what osteopathy is? Click Here. And to find out what you can expect from a treatment click Here.

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