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Osteopathy: The Secret to Recovering from Sports Injuries

Sports come in many forms; and whether your sport is running ultramarathons, playing golf, practising yoga or going fishing, you may sustain an injury at some point. With such a diverse range of activities, there can be an equally diverse range of injuries. How can someone know how to treat them all? Well, the answer […]

My experience with a 7 day fast

Many people are adding some form of fasting as a daily, weekly, monthly or annual practice these days. It’s nothing new – people have been intentionally fasting for thousands of years whether for health or religious reasons. What is new is our understanding of the physiology behind fasting. However; information on the experience and practice […]

Scoliosis: The causes and effects

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a fairly-common skeletal abnormality characterised by a three-dimensional curvature of the spine. This curvature presents itself in either an ‘S’-like or ‘C’-like shape. It can present itself at any age, although it is most commonly picked up at youth. There are four different types of scoliosis, each with varying causes. […]